Cosmetic Mole Removal


At the Skin Studio we use a Surgitron for cosmetic mole removals. Surgitron is a type of radio surgery that uses high frequency radio waves to remove unwanted skin lesions with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues. The advantage of this technology is that the wounds heal quickly with minimal long term  scarring. Rather than using traditional surgical cutting techniques, skin lesions can be “shaved off ” at a superficial level, sutures are not required and there is no bleeding. The wound usually takes about 1 week to heal then over the next 6 months the new skin formed fades and blends to the same colour as the surrounding tissue.


What is radio surgery?

Traditionally, electrical modes of surgery have been used by surgeons for cosmetic mole removal. Electrodes are heated and used to stop bleeding in tissues which have been cut. Although effective the result is damaging to the surrounding tissues. Radio surgery however uses high frequency radio waves which are absorbed by water in cells. This results in a cutting effect which is not transferred to the surrounding  tissue, thus minimising damage.


What can be treated?

First of all it is most important to know that the lesion being removed is benign i.e. not cancerous. Lesions are examined closely with a dermatoscope and if there is any doubt the lesion will be sent off for histological diagnosis.

Lesions such as moles warts and skin tags can be removed from most parts of the body.


Does cosmetic mole removal hurt?

A local anaesthetic is always given prior to the procedure so pain should be minimal.


What are the possible complications?

Lesions are removed superficially so wounds area shallow and heal quickly. There is no bleeding and sutures are not required. Complications such as infection are rare and scarring is minimal.