Treating the Neck and the Décolletage area

When we think of appearance medicine and cosmetic treatments we usually focus on the face. It is however often the neck and upper chest (décolletage) that is the giveaway to a persons true age.

As we get older the skin in our neck becomes less elastic ” turkey neck” and the supporting structures become weaker. As a result we begin to loose the definition of the jaw line as skin sags below it which,is commonly know as “jowling” or “double chin” .

Fortunately there are several minimally invasive treatments available which do not require surgery. For improving fine lines and skin laxity, micro-needling with a Dermastamp and platelet rich plasma injections can be used.

Named after the famous jawline on the Egyptian queen, the “Nefertiti lift”, uses Botulinum toxin injections to relax the muscles of the neck to improve the jawline. Dermal fillers can also be used to replenish the lost volume and lack of elasticity in the skin giving a smoother and fuller look to the skin.

You can make an appointment with Dr Mark Feeney, from the Skin Studio to discusses the different types of treatment that may be suitable for you for the ageing neck and upper chest (décolletage).