What makes the perfect lips?

The measurement of the perfect lips all started with the Golden Ratio

The ancient Greeks believed beauty was represented by a golden ration of 1.1.618 known as “phi” or the divine proportion. This golden proportion is known to provoke emotion and aesthetic feelings within ourselves. It pleases all our senses. It is found in nature in petals and shells and we try to replicate in in classics such as the Mona Lisa and the Taj Mahal.

Lips come in all shapes and sizes, however there are certain features which make lips more attractive than others. It is often said that lips should look like twins. This is certainly true when comparing the sides, however the top and bottom lips are quite different. The definition of beautiful lips varies across individuals, cultures and eras.


The perfect lip anatomy

– Both lips should have a defined ” Vermillion boarder”.

– The upper lip should have an accentuated ” Cupid’s bow “.

– The upper lip should project 1-2 mm in front of the lower lip.

– The ideal bottom lip should be 1.618 times thicker than the top lip.


How The Skin Studio can help you achieve this look

There are a wide range of fillers which can be used to  shape and contour lips. Dr Mark Feeney at the Skin Studio can advise on which treatments maybe most suitable for you.