More and more New Zealand men are discovering Brotox

At the Skin Studio we offer a range of cosmetic treatments aimed at New Zealand men and preserving their masculine features.

The male face is just as susceptible to UV damage and the signs of ageing as females and generally males take less care of themselves as they get older.

Tired and saggy skin from too much time either working or recreating in the outdoors can be improved by using micro needling or platelet rich plasma which improves the quality and tone of the skin.

Deep lines and wrinkles often appear around the eyes, nose and forehead from repeated muscle movements and facial expressions. These can be softened with targeted injections of botulinum toxin.

The jaw line, chin and cheeks can be enhanced with dermal fillers giving a more chiselled and masculine appearance however maintaining a natural look to the male face.

There are a wide range of options that can improve your masculine looks. Dr Mark Feeney at the Skin Studio can advise you on which treatments maybe most suitable for you.