Smoking effects on the skin

It is well known that tobacco is detrimental to our health and is linked to multiple types of cancers including skin cancer.

Many people however are unaware of the effects of smoking on our skin. Nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow which in turn reduces the supply on nutrients and oxygen the skin. Smoking also releases toxins which which break down the elastic layers within our skin. The net result is the breakdown of the scaffolding structures with the skin resulting in wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Due to these effects a smokers face typically has:

– Dry, coarse skin
– Looks pale and blotchy
– Multiple wrinkles especially around the eyes and mouth
– Baggy eye lids and a slack jaw line


Treatments for skin damage due to smoking

Treatments such as Dermastamp, chemical peels and lasers can help. Although the best option is to stop smoking before the damage is done. Schedule a consultation with the Skin Studio in Wanaka or Queenstown, to discuss your options.